Shadow Kid

by Wake Up Sleeper

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Thank you to all my friends for always pushing me and encouraging me. You know who you are and you mean the world to me. I truly believe in these songs and I'm proud of this project, even more so to be collaborating with my brother and best friend.
This is for anyone who has ever felt alone or lives in the shadows of those closest to you. You are loved and are so special despite what you may think.
For Bo. <3


released December 28, 2015

All songs written, recorded, mixed and performed by Joshua Mendoza
Additional guitar by: Rod Mendoza
Jazz drums by: Zog Hamilton
Cover photo by: Rod Mendoza @



all rights reserved


Wake Up Sleeper El Paso, Texas

My Diary.

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Track Name: Shadow Kid
It's hard to live in this house, with all my brother's things.
It's hard to be in this city, with my father looming over me.
And my mother she watches every move.
And my sister critiques me too.
Yeah I live in the shadow of extraordinary people while I myself am no one.

I'm just a shadow kid, with no place to call my home.
With no voice of my own. Bound in chains to my zone.

I've lived my life with extra precautions, and watch my back so no one sees me fall.
I've wondered all my life what others think of me, but none of that really matters at all.
So for now I'll live my life the way I wanted to, and be who I'm really meant to be.

I'm just a shadow kid
And that's alright with me.
Track Name: Waiting
Warm whiskey on a winter night
She thinks only of the love she's lost
Cant seem to get him out of her head

I tried so damn hard to find
A girl I could really call mine
But she's too far gone on him

What can I do to ease the pain?
Take away those memories of those bitter days.
Take away that feeling of insignificance.
But when you're ready, when you're ready... I'll be waiting.

I took her out and she took me to
A place I never thought I'd be
But it was all a show

Winter passed and that mommas boy
Really did leave you fast
And he left you dying

I tried to seam your aching heart
But you only wanted that boy who tore your world apart
And I'm not him

What can I do to ease the pain?
What can I do to erase those memories?
What can I do to heal your broken heart?
But when you're ready, when you're ready, when you're ready... I'll be waiting.
Track Name: Gentle Bones
Darkness flows in those gentle bones.
I guess it's you who needs the help.
You left me lying on the cold hard floor.
You said it was me who's going to hell...
I'm going to hell.

You walk the streets like a lonely whore.
& play me like your drunken games.
You said you liked the way it felt...
When our bodies finally fell.

I won't miss you at all.
Track Name: Come My Way
Well I wish I was a little more outgoing
Wanna be the type of guy that sweeps her off her feet
Give her what she really needs

Spend most of my days alone
Wondering what I would say when I see her again... will I see her again.

But I know one day, she'll come back my way.
And that day I'll say, hey how are you today?

I think I fall in love too easy
Need to learn how to not make a fool out of myself
Cause I don't even know her name

Need to stop feeling sorry for who I am
And embrace who I've become, and learn how to love again

But when I see her again, I don't know what I will say
But I know that those words will come my way

Cause I know one day, she'll come my way
& that day I'll say, hey how are you today?
Track Name: Bo.
You spent your last days with me.
And whispered in my ear, you'd always love me.
You left us many years early.
But I still remember those last words you told me

Don't listen to those old hard fools.
Don't listen to those old hard fools.
They'll only try and bring you down.
They'll only hit you when you're on the ground.

You taught me how to live with no fear.
Inspired me to persevere.
Believed in me when no one else thought to.
And pushed me to do the things I wanted to.
Though you're gone now you'll never be forgotten.
The Bambino of my world you'll never die.

Days go by, and I can't sleep without thinking of you.
Days go by, and I don't sleep without thinking of you.